Fine superhero collectibles

Fine superhero collectibles

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X MEN QUADRILOGY Excel Home Videos, Rs 1,199

Not surprisingly, they are busy saving the world from various kinds of evils, but in their case, they also have to constantly fight their own ghosts more often than not. This is indeed an interesting bunch of characters from Marvel Comics. So, it hardly astonishes one that these comic book characters are equally successful in their big screen versions. Now, one can go through the whole journey of X-Men movies, thanks to this Quadrilogy, or the DVD pack comprising all the four movies of the series. The good thing about such packs is that they give a perspective of the whole series of movies, and also lets one know if the series is getting better with every edition or is giving diminishing returns.

In this case, after the first three installments, which concentrate on the exploits of the bunch in a series of adventures, the fourth one, X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes as a completely different movie, focusing solely on the most intriguing of the characters and clearly the main hero of the lot. Played by Hugh Jackman, Wolverine is a mysterious character with more mysterious origins, and this movie show how such movies can go beyond the usual “superhero-the-world-from-super villain” mode of stories. Not only kids, but even adults with a penchant for superhero stuff would love to have this collection at home.

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