A guide to corporate survival

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management recently hosted an interactive session addressed by Tom Sweet, the CEO of Dell Inc, to give the students first-hand exposure to potential recruiters. Other speakers who were present on the occasion included Karen Wright, the executive director of Apps & BPO; Rajeev Kapoor, finance head of Dell India and Shreya Gupta and Bhagwati Varanasi, both alumni of the college.

Tom Sweet spoke to the students about the global technology markets and their present trends.

He also informed them about the finance development programmes initiated by the company. He focussed his talk on the firm’s business strategy model and the current transformation it is undergoing.

“In today’s global economy, transformation is a continuous process. For a technology firm, the process of transformation can never be complete. A global firm needs to be constantly updated,” he said.

The other significant topics he touched upon were on what the company expects from the management graduates — something that the students found extremely helpful, as it gave them a better idea of which skill sets they ought to develop to command more respect in the industry.  “We can teach them the technical aspects of the job, but soft skills like intellectual curiosity and willingness to work has to come from within,” explained Tom. He further reinforced the idea of being a team player and finding solutions together.

The talk was followed by a question-and-answer session, during which the students ensured that they cleared any doubts they had on the topics.

Harshit Shukla, one of the organisers of the event, said, “The motive of organising the event was to ensure that the students are given a chance to interact with their potential recruiters. The experience was excellent, as always. It was a very informative and engaging session, and the students thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Snehal Moon, a student from the junior batch, added, “The session was very educational and Tom Sweet’s insights will surely help me in the future.”

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