Satguru: None but one

‘Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu ..Gurur Devo Maheshwarah... Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma..Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah!’

In India, the tradition of following a guru dates back to many thousand years. In the Hindu society, it is believed that a person who dies without a guru has led a useless life. Right from the time of birth, a baby is taken to receive blessings from the family guru and then as he grows up and starts his education, work, marital life and so on, he is expected to seek the latter's blessing. It is indeed quite a reverential tradition and gives a mutual sense of security to both parties. The guru shares the wisdom that he has gained from studying scriptures. The family people look upon their guru with the most profound sense of respect. However, this cordial relation tends to become unrealistic when the 'Guru' begins to take the seat of the almighty Lord. It is then that there is a dire need felt for drawing the line of difference between the two subjects, i.e. the human Guru and the 'Satguru' the Supreme.

We must understand a fact that founders of all the religions had many times mentioned in their teachings that they were not God. But, unfortunately most of the religious-followers today, worship their founder-fathers and even Gurus, as the Supreme Father. Hence, in order to save ourselves from such misleading situation, we need to first understand the functions of a Guru, that is primarily to guide his followers on the path of liberation and to establish communion with Supreme Almighty. Other than this, the claims that are made about Guru being capable of abolishing sins or guru being above all the deities etc, can be true only for the one “Satguru, who is Supreme Almighty”. So, they can guide us only to a limited extent.

The concept of abolishing another person's sins is in itself contradictory to the law of karma. As per the karmic philosophy, every soul receives according to his/ her actions. So, if anyone claims to finish or reduce the impact of sins committed by another being then he is only challenging nature's law.

At present, negative vibes and feelings seem to be ruling everyones mind, as a result of which souls are unable to find a permanent refuge in religion. The learned souls are themselves confessing to the lack of power and are internally looking for a hopeful sign from above. Hence, all these symptoms are pointing towards that auspicious time when HE the Supreme himself plays the role of a Guide and leads all the souls on the true path of Liberation in Life (Jeevan Mukti).

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