Girl raped by husband's kin, panchayat sees justice in it

In a shocking incident, a woman was allegedly gang raped by her husband's brothers because her own brother had eloped with their sister. Her marriage itself was ordered by the village panchayat – delivering what it called justice to the family ‘wronged' by her brother.

The alleged culprits raped her saying their ‘revenge’ was now complete and the panchayat also washed its hands off the matter, terming it as only an ‘eye for an eye’.

According to the reports, Mohammed Azeem, a resident of Kamheda village in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district, about 450 kilometers from here, had eloped with a girl of the same village a few months back after a brief affair.

A complaint had been lodged with the police by the girl’s family and the couple was later caught by the police. The girl, however, said in the court that she had married Azeem on her own will following which the duo had been released.

A panchayat, which was later convened to discuss the matter, ordered that Azeem’s sister Rehana (name changed) should be married to girl’s brother Shadab to ‘meet the end of justice’ to the family.

The panchayat also directed Rehana’s parents to pay Rs 75,000 to Shadab’s family as compensation. “We readily agreed to the diktats as we feared a bloodbath if we had refused,” Rehana said.

As per the order of the panchayat, Rehana got married to Shadab a few days back. A huge shock, however, awaited Rehana at her husband’s home.

She alleged that her husband’s two brothers, Shazad and Irshad, raped her the day she arrived at the house of her in-laws. “My father-in-law told me that Shadab had agreed to marry me only on the condition that I will be raped to take revenge for his sister’s elopement,” she said.

Rehana managed to escape from the house a couple of days later and reached her parents’ home.

She later lodged a report with the police narrating the entire incident. The police have registered a case and were now looking for the culprits, who were absconding.
Panchayats in UP are known for their bizarre diktats against the lovers. They have in the past pronounced `death sentences' on such couples.

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