Hoardings don't say it all

Hoardings don't say it all

Waking up to the dangers of hanging electric wires, BESCOM has put hoardings across the City asking citizens to call in if they spot any hanging wire.

However, these hoardings have failed to create much awareness as only a handful of people have seen these.

Secondly, since a picture of the Chief Minister is also displayed with the message, people assume it’s a political advertisement and ignore it.

V Ravichander from Bangalore Connect Foundation, who has seen a hoarding near Victoria Layout, says that although this measure has been taken as a precaution following a couple of deaths, the purpose of the message is lost as it is being politicised. “Many people do not pay attention to such hoardings. They won’t even bother reading further,” he points out.

These hoardings in English may not be the best way to get the message across.
“A visual or a video on television can help reach the people easily. Plus, if it is in Kannada, the impact will be stronger,” he says.

“It’s really not effective enough. More thought needs to go into how it’s being conveyed to the people,” he adds.

While many worry about the problem, they don’t know what to do.
“My friends and I keep noticing all these hanging wires. Although we talk about it often, we don’t know what we can do to help,” says Raghav Sharma, an engineering student, adding that this is a common issue in and around Mathikere.

“I think, a lot more awareness is required so that the people know of such initiatives,” says Raghav.

Rishabh Sharma, a first-year engineering student from MS Ramaiah Institute
of Technology, says that one doesn’t know where to begin when hanging wires are

“Putting up a hoarding is a good initiative, but that’s gone waste. If there is such limited publicity, how will everyone know?” asks Rishabh.

Since this is a problem with serious consequences, an aggressive awareness campaign is required.

“Although, I have seen these hoardings, it is mostly inside the City. It’s important that people in the outskirts too are aware of this because many low-lying wires are found in these areas. And if such a campaign is being done, it might as well be done seriously,” opines Sharada, a home-maker. 

Mohan Kalluraya, general manager (quality, safety and supply), BESCOM says, “As the hoardings have been put up very recently —in the second week of July — it is too early to react to the response of the safety initiative.”

Elaborating on the statistics of electricity-related accidents, he says that the number rises specially during the monsoon.

“In the last three months, six electrocution accidents have been reported in Bangalore city alone. Of this, five people died due to their own negligence. Twenty-four hoardings across Bangalore city are now being used to create safety awareness among citizens through effective safety messages,” he explains.

The BESCOM helpline number is 22873333. You can also send an SMS to 9243150000 in case of any electrical emergency.

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