'The fashion industry keeps me hooked'

'The fashion industry keeps me hooked'

There’s a devil-may-care attitude about Pia Trivedi, the model-cum-actress who was last seen doing a cameo in Sagar Ballary’s Hum Tum Shabana.

She has been given many tags in her career, including that of an ‘item girl’ for her moves in films like Mission Istanbul and Bluffmaster. She’s been the pin-up girl in various calendars, is one of the most confident swimsuit models around and has worked with almost every Indian designer in the fashion circuit.

“The fashion industry keeps me hooked. We are so exposed to clothes, trends and what’s in or out, that by default we know the workings of it. It’s great in a way. But personally, it’s never influenced me. I wear what I feel like when I feel like. Whatever makes me look sexy and comfortable is perfect. If it doesn’t work, I wouldn’t wear it,” she tells Metrolife.

While comfort is synonymous with her style statement, she says that she takes her fitness seriously, albeit being a self-proclaimed foodie. “I’m a big foodie and it’s very difficult for me to keep a healthy diet. I eat everything but in moderation. The only way to do it properly is to work out simultaneously because you’re eating and you’re burning. That really works with my body type,” she says.

Striking the balance between food and exercise is what she recommends for those who want a figure like hers. “Don’t restrict yourself because food is amazing. Eat in limits and work out. The more exercise you do, the better it is. It can be outdoors also, not necessarily in a gym,” she advises.

Having tried the two distinct industries of fashion and films, she is clear about the one she enjoys more. “Acting will never be a full-time thing for me. I like modelling a little too much,” she confesses, adding, “nowadays, fashion has become a big stepping stone to Bollywood where producers and directors see you.”

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