Balance must be restored in the universe

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba delivered a powerful discourse in Bangalore in last June. He said the world is witnessing various forms of wind, water and earth disturbances because the balance of the universe has been seriously disturbed. This balance needs to be restored on a war footing if further calamities are to be avoided.

“The whole world around us symbolises truth! All that obtains in the world is Shivam! Everything in this world ought to be beautiful! Nothing ought to be dirty! That we are born into this world is an indisputable truth! Nothing can obscure this truth! We must therefore serve this world because this is the sole purpose of our birth!”

“The many duties and responsibilities we assume must be executed perfectly! Our responsibilities ought to be borne by us! We must not think that these will be performed by others! Only they can do what they need to do!”

“Accordingly, in this universe Lord Brahma looks after creation! Lord Vishnu looks after preservation! Lord Shiva looks after destruction! Shakti looks after nature! Each has his/her own responsibility!”

“It is only when such division of labor combines in harmony that beauty prevails! That beauty becomes visible! God gives each aspect of creation a unique power! This power must be brought out in its entire splendor! For this to happen, you must develop yourself! This is why we advise people to practice meditation!”

Mata Amritanandamayi explains the same matter differently: “It is the inner realisation that matters. There is a woman inside every man and vice versa. The woman in man – that is the true love and compassion in man – should awaken. This is the significance of the Ardhanarishwara (half god, half goddess) in the Hindu faith. If the feminine aspect in a woman is asleep, she is not a mother and she is away from God. But if that aspect is awake in a man, he is more of a mother and he is closer to God. This is equally applicable to the masculine aspect as well.”

“The whole purpose of spirituality is to create a balance between the masculine and the feminine. Therefore the inner awakening of consciousness is more important than the external appearance.”

In addition, this balance includes creating an alignment between thought, words and deed, controlling the mind and opening the heart and replacing selfishness with selflessness through meditation, remembering the name of God and worship.

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