Vijayashanti suspended for praising Sonia Gandhi

Vijayashanti suspended for praising Sonia Gandhi

Actor-turned-politician M Vijayashanti was suspended from the Telangana Rasthra Samiti (TRS) on Thursday for praising Sonia Gandhi.

She also went against the party which claimed credit for a separate Telangana.  Vijayashanti praised Sonia’s decision on Telangana as a “miracle” and that the credit should go to the people and not parties like the TRS.

Vijayashanti had put up a life-size hoarding of Indira Gandhi at her Hyderabad residence and also did not attend party sessions at TRS Bhavan since Telangana was announced by the Congress.

“This is a victory of the people and the credit does not belong to any particular party. I actually thought Telangana will never be a reality, it is like a dream,” Vijayashanti said in a television interview. 

Vijayashanti said, “It is just a miracle that Sonia Gandhi has changed her mindset and agreed for Telangana.”

Vijayashanti took to politics at a time when she was not getting any roles.

She also closeted with former minister of state for home, Vidyasagar Rao of the BJP, as her godfather and the party exploited her cine glamour as long as the NDA was in power. 

later, She started a political party “Talli Telangana”, which merged with the TRS in January 2009 and won the Medak Lok Sabha seat.

Vijayashanti had distanced herself from the TRS after KCR showed eagerness to contest from his native district of Medak in the 2014 elections.

The TRS president currently represents Mahabubnagar parliamentary constituency. Instead of Medak, she was advised to contest from Secunderabad.

In the 2009 elections, Vijayashanti had threatened to quit the TRS after she was named the party candidate from Mahabubnagar.

KCR, who wanted to contest from Medak, conceded to her demand in the last minute. She apparently rejected the offer as Mahabubnagar is not a TRS stronghold.

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