Divorced at 98, Brit couple set world record

Divorced at 98, Brit couple set world record


Bertie and Jessie Wood got a decree absolute to end their 36-year marriage when they were both just two years off turning 100, leading British tabloid the 'News of the World' reported on Sunday. But months later Bertie died shortly before his 99th birthday. And according to neighbours, Jessie -- three  is now in a care home.

Both of them had been married before when they wed in Elstree, Herts, in 1972 and moved to Falmouth, Cornwall, four years later. But by 2008, it was all over and Jessie set the wheels in motion for their split. Both were 97 at the time and it is unclear why their marriage failed although a decree absolute is believed to have been granted subsequently, the report said.

Jessie's daughter Pauline Rowe, 65, refused to discuss the split, saying, "It's too hurtful to talk about." Terence Wood, Bertie's son from first marriage, also wouldn't comment when the tabloid asked for his reaction. However, divorce expert Francine Kaye was quoted as saying: "At that age you'd think you'd find some way of getting on with each other." Britain has the fourth highest divorce rate in the world with 3.08 splits per 1,000 people. The previous world's oldest recorded divorcees used to be Simon and Ida Stern of Wisconsin, America, who parted in 1984, aged 97 and 91.

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