Ashton Kutcher learns to solder motherboards for 'Jobs'

Ashton Kutcher learns to solder motherboards for 'Jobs'

Actor Ashton Kutcher learnt the circuitry work including soldering motherboards to prepare for his role in upcoming biopic "Jobs".

"Jobs" based on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Kutcher, 35, is playing the titular character in the film, which will hit theatres an August 16.

"He (Steve) cared more than anyone else — with every fiber of his being — about the quality of that experience. He dedicated his entire life to building the greatest personal electronic devices in the world and I think, to date, he's done it," Kutcher said in a statement.

The movie explores Jobs' life from the keenness and self-discovery of his youth to his rise as a veritable icon who changed technology.

Actor Lukas Haas, who plays Daniel Kottke in the biopic, recalled how Kutcher used to behave between takes for a scene in which he solders a motherboard for the computer.

"I'm just soldering it together and I don't know what the hell I'm doing or how this stuff works. And Ashton just started talking about it. He had studied everything. He not only knew everything about Steve, and about Apple— he knew how the circuitry worked," Haas said.

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