Musical connection

Musical connection

Music director Gurukiran met his wife Pallavi for the first time at her house, but she had seen him before at a function

joyous Pallavi and Gurukiran with their children. dh photos by janardhan b k

While he met her for the first time in her house itself, she had seen him before during an association function. All it took was one look and both knew that they had found their better half.  

The advantage of an arranged marriage, they say, is the lack of expectations. “We both willingly got into this marriage and we entered into it with an open mind accepting anything that came our way and I guess that’s what makes us click,” says Pallavi.  

Their musical journey together began only after their marriage, “I never knew how deep he was into music. Until then, I  thought music was a rich man’s hobby as he came from a business background,” says Pallavi.  

Gurukiran adds, “It did start off as a hobby. One day I made up my mind that this is what I wanted to do and took it up more seriously and pursued it as a career.”
Both were satisfied with this  decision but the long hours and hectic schedules were difficult for Pallavi, who stayed in Mangalore then.

“Usually people learn and then earn. I first started earning and then learning, so the initial years were very difficult.  I was just married and my career took up most of my time. However, we finally decided  to settle in the City and she stood by me. Gradually, we got used to the new lifestyle,” says Gurukiran.

The creatively inclined Pallavi inspires Gurukiran’s music agreat deal.

“She is my inspiration for all my songs which have a touch of pathos,” he jokes.
On a more serious note, he says, “Without her support, I couldn’t have come this far. She is my biggest critic and when she gives me a feedback on my shows and my music, I know it’s from the heart.” Pallavi, who is toying with the idea of script writing, says that the film industry is such that one is attracted to it and one learns a lot there. “Living with a creative person makes you want to have a connect with everything he does. I make it a point to catch all his shows and songs because that’s when we really bond together,” she adds.

With two adorable children, Pallavi manages everything on the home front while Gurukiran takes care of the finances.

“She is such a good multitasker that I never felt anything amiss  when the children came into our lives,” he says.

With enough of support from the extended family, Pallavi says that she didn’t really need him to help around in the house as well. “I have all the support and don’t really need him to do household chores for me. But yes I do get a little upset when he does not come home in time for food,” she adds.

While they have petty differences, both Pallavi and Gurukiran, agree that they are  similar in many ways.

“We don’t restrict each other and give each other space. which is such a great relief because we are not like those who are dependent on each other all the time,” she says.

“For instance, I can’t always make it for the PTA meetings but she fills in for both of us. Basically, both of us are chilled out people who have our own viewpoints.”
The children, they say, have bonded the family closer. “We go on spontaneous trips to secret getaways from time to time and they also have a planned annual vacation, which everyone looks forward  to,” they say.

Ask them whether it’s too early for them to decide whether their children would enter the film industry?

“We are open to anything they want to do. I don’t want to impose my dreams on them,” he says.

Pallavi says, “We haven’t thought so far into the future. We always live in the present.”