When speed kills...

When speed kills...

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When speed kills...

fatal Irresponsible and rash driving are on a rise among youngsters.

In spite of constant warnings from authorities, parents and a slew of safety campaigns, young people who should know better continue to take unnecessary risks endangering themselves and the lives of others. Metrolife asks youngsters why many feel compelled to take risks and jeopardise their safety and those of innocent passers-by.

Nauman Naji , Businessman

It is a form of escapism! Youngsters need an outlet for their energy and in the absence of organised sport or productive hobbies, they tend to take risks and indulge in these self-destructive activities.

Bhairav Kuttaiah, Law student

There is peer pressure. But another reason is the lack of traffic at night. With the 11.30 pm shut-down in place, young professionals who work late have no option but to take long drives across the City with their friends as a form of entertainment.The Karnataka Motor Sports Club (KMSC) needs to host more events, so that speed lovers can find a safe outlet like the initiative taken by the APMSC (Andhra Pradesh Motor Sports Club), which holds regular drag races. Better ad campaigns, featuring recognised figures from Indian motor sport warning against drunk or rash driving on public roads, will also help.

Gaurav, Management student

Peer pressure definitely plays a major part and the need to show off in front of friends. After all men are naturally drawn to fast cars and women! During the day, we deal with bad traffic and terrible roads. So people cut loose at night and youngsters who get reckless pay a very heavy price. To resolve this, traffic cops need to patrol the streets at night or install speed cameras to serve as a deterrent at key locations.

Akhilesh Basappa, Student

Lack of any decent form of entertainment in the city prompts young people to drive out to a coffee spot preferably on the outskirts of Bangalore. That’s where a lot of accidents tend to happen because there is a feeling of release and an adrenaline rush.When places shut down at 11.30 where are people to go except for long drives looking for a place to relax.

Gagan, Management student

“I have a super bike at home which cost me Rs 15 lakh but there is no where I can ride it in the City. High ways are not practical and very dangerous.The roads are either crowded or in bad shape, so out of sheer frustration speed lovers and adrenaline junkies are forced to take risks they would not otherwise take. It’s not just teenagers but speed lovers of all ages who get very frustrated and tend to overspeed at night.

Sujayeendra, Businessman

Youngsters today have access to lot of money and tend to outdo one another by buying fancy cars. Many feel it’s a good way of impressing their friends and scoring points with the opposite sex if you pick her up in a fancy car and zoom off. 

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