Drive against TB launched

Drive against TB launched

Govt spending up to Rs 15,000 per patient

Speaking on the occasion, BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena said that in a traditional society like  India lack of information and education breed superstition over diseases such as Tuberculosis, which is absolutely curable, he observed.

 “People seek medical help only after the problem aggravates and precious time is lost. Awareness is important to make people deal with tuberculosis in the initial stages itself. Street plays play a significant role in reaching out to the masses,” Bharat Lal Meena noted.

Gejje-Gejje, a cultural organisation from Mysore, presented a streetplay conveying the message to thepublic that tuberculosis could be treated successfully with DOTS, treatment regimen that lasts from six to eight months.


The project coordinator of the RNTCP, BBMP,  Dr Vijay Kumar Biradar said that  government spends somewhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 15,000 on each tuberculosis patient by offering medicines free of cost.

 Dr Biradar said that there is no socio-economic reasons for the spread of this disease in the State.