Juggling work 'n' studies

Juggling work 'n' studies


Holidays are meant for rejuvenation. Which is why some of us pour into malls, multiplexes and restaurants, while some of us prefer to remain at home when we get time off work. Some others join weekend classes even as they hold a job. In the process of juggling work and education, such people hardly get any time to enjoy their holidays.

Usha is working in an auditing firm. At the same time, she is preparing for Company Secretary exam. For the last six months, she has been attending weekend coaching classes and is finding it difficult to juggle work and education. “I am not happy about the situation. I made my life difficult and I have not been able to meet my friends during the weekends. While I am in the class, I do think of going out with my friends for shopping. I am going to be exhausted by this schedule. I need a break and I have decided to bunk the class and watch a film this weekend,” she says.

But she does not want to discontinue her education. “I am determined to complete this course. I may miss some joy but it is temporary. I will have a prosperous future,” she adds. After working throughout the week, it is not easy to sit in the classes.  

Vikram Narayan has been balancing his job and studies. He is working hard to crack the second stage of ICWAI examination. He has been regularly attending coaching classes for the last three years. “While joining for weekend coaching, I was confident of balancing my education and work.”

“But I had to encounter many problems. Being away from friends was the most difficult one. Continuous work has made me restless and exhausted. My family and friends often find it hard to accept my incredibly busy routine. But I have to live with this situation for my future growth,” Vikram says.  

“Whenever I get time, I switch on my laptop to play Counter Strike, GTA and Mortal Combats. That keeps me relaxed and I am addicted to it,” he adds. With the advance of the knowledge-based economy, the demand is rising for multi-skilled individuals. That made Vinod, who already has a job, to aspire for higher education.

“I wanted to build my educational profile, so I joined for a weekend course. But very soon I realised that it is not easy to balance work and education. The work stress is burning me out. Sometimes, I fear collapsing due to over-work.  Anyhow, I took it as a challenge and now am easily handling both. I miss my friends but I hardly get time to roam around with them. To energise myself, I spend time with my six-month old-nephew Dilip,” Vinod says.

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