Conquering many new frontiers

Conquering many new frontiers

And now this versatile lady has added yet another feather to her cap! Few people are aware of this extraordinary woman’s oratory skills. And now Celina will be skillfully employing this talent in the corporate world!

Hearing Celina articulate presentations on various channels, a lot of top corporate houses had approached Celina to give a talk on the acceptance of minorities. But various film commitments took up Celina’s priority which made it difficult for her to take up their offer.

But after a long schedule of shooting abroad she has gotten down to her road trip and has accepted the invitation to speak to the employees of a renowned international investment bank. She held a special seminar attended by over 1000 members on acceptance of minorities (religious as well as sexual) in corporate environments.

Greeted with massive ovations, she felt very privileged. “I am so happy corporates are taking this initiation. It’s a big cultural revolution and at least, people are making an effort towards peace and acceptance. As for me, its amusing and exhilarating to sometimes motivate people twice my age and much highly educated then me,” she said.

Very happy about the phenomenal response, she said, “I am happy to be a part of a peace and acceptance process that will change the world, hopefully for the better.” Celina is definitely one person who walks the talk.

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