'Megan Fox is just too hot!'

'Megan Fox is just too hot!'

Aspiring high

Insightful and charming, the Mangalore born lad says that breaking into the big bad world of modelling was not easy and didn’t happen overnight.

“It took two years of body building, grooming and toning before I started with Prasad Bidapa. With some good breaks from the Maharajah (Srikantadutta Wadiyar), I established myself in this tough business where the competition is cut throat. Having said that it's really worth it, for the lessons you learn and the people you meet. You also travel to exciting places, stay in the best hotels, the perks are great and the money's not bad,” he laughs.

So, how did the transition to films happened? “By accident. I met the director of Julie and he offered me the role of the country-bumpkin boyfriend immediately. Ramya was a gem to work with and I could not have asked for a better start. Films were scary at first but by my second film Accident with Ramesh Aravind, I was more confident and by my third film `Savari'  I felt like an old hand. I love acting but one
ideally needs connections and godfather in the industry,” he feels.

An engineer by profession, Roshan works with Bosch when he is not on the ramp or in front of the camera. He says that he loves his job as it keeps him well-grounded after the glamour industry. John Abraham inspires him as he ‘made it big on his own without film connections’.

“Style is something that cannot be bought,” he declares. Roshan likes to wear comfortable low waist jeans  teamed up with tees and designer shirts. He admits he has a major shoe fetish but jewellery is a definite no-no.  

Like most models, he is extremely careful about his high protein diet with lots of fish and raw vegetables. He cuts carbs and keep sweets to the minimum. “I drink a lot of water and party only on weekends!” he insists.

“Always change your fitness regime to shock your body and keep your skin moisturised when you workout so you will never get stretch marks. A weekly massage and sauna keeps my skin glowing, and I love to pamper myself with expensive products,” he adds.

Movies are a favourite pastime and exercising gives him a natural high releasing endorphin's into his system. Goa, Phuket and Muscat are his best holiday destinations and he does indulge in sea food and Nouvelle European cuisine when he is not watching the calories. Making his presence felt in the South is his current priority, but “I would love to work with Megan Fox someday. Her lips drive me crazy and she is just too hot!” he sighs and signs off.