Determined to better their chances

Determined to better their chances

Determined to better their chances

ISBR welcomed a new batch of excited students recently. High on expectations and keen on improving their skills, the MBA students — who are very focussed right from the beginning — are hoping to walk away with a good job offer in two years. In conversation with Metrolife, students talk about their hopes, dreams and goals.

A Indumathi, who has come here from Tamil Nadu, says that she is looking forward to a good experience in Bangalore.

“I decided to come here since it would be a chance to meet people from different cultures. Also, there are a lot of companies here, which means that the opportunities are vast,” she explains, adding that she took the advice of seniors before joining the Institute. “I was told by the seniors whom I interacted with before choosing this place that it is a college where we can grow and work on our talents. I hope that on completion of the course, I am as competent as the alumni I met,” she says.

Navya Gadde from Andhra Pradesh, who has joined the MBA course after completing BSc, says that she has loved the City so far. “I want to be an entrepreneur and I am hoping to improve my communication skills here. I love college so far,” she says.

The group of MBA students are looking forward to fine-tuning their management skills, meeting a whole host of people and acquiring new skills. “I have joined this Institute after I got to know about the placements. I want to learn how to present myself and mingle with others,” says Dharam Y, who has completed his BCom KR Sreejasmany echos the same views. “It’s a college where we can develop our skills. My seniors said that this was a good place to interact with a people from diverse backgrounds. I have found both the faculty members and my classmates friendly,” she says. Her classmate Gayathri Priyankha adds, “I am sure we will get great exposure here.”

Students have high expectations from the college over the next two years. “I want a good job on graduation and I will give my best for it. I have heard about the placement record here, which is one of the reasons I am here. I hope to improve myself a whole lot during my stay here,” says Roma V Sharma from Chennai. Abhishek Sawant from Goa adds that he is training himself for the placement season. “I moved out of Goa because of the lack of job opportunities. I want to get a good offer,” he explains.

With the quality of faculty members playing a huge role, Abin Babu from Kerala says that the support they have already received from their teachers is tremendous. “I was chosen by many colleges, but I decided to pick this one since many told me it was the best among the others. Also, Bangalore is a place where one can settle down. So far the experience here has been good,” he says.