Rider injured near Metro site

Rider injured near Metro site

Iron pipe causes accident; BMRCL refuses to own responsibility

Rider injured near Metro site

The iron pipe that has pierced through the wind shield of a car near the Metro site on M G Road in Bangalore on Tuesday. (Inset) The injured, Kallappa. dh Photo

Police have given the name of the injured as Kallappa. He has been admitted to Nimhans. Two workers were carrying an iron pipe to the work site on M G Road. The pipe covered almost half of the road as they suddenly turned to enter into the construction area in front of Gangarams Book Bureau. Kallappa, who was heading towards Brigade Road from Anil Kumble Junction rammed into the pipe. The helmet he was wearing could not protect him.  A profusely bleeding Kallappa fell on the road and became unconscious, eye witnesses Ravi and Liyaqat said. The pipe later smashed a windshield of a car.

Managing Director of Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), N Sivasailam who spoke to Deccan Herald said the accident on M G Road has nothing to do with either the Bangalore Metro project or its workers. “It was an act where miscreants attempted to steal iron poles. How can it be attributed to Metro? They tried to escape quickly from the police and caused the incident,” he said.

Chief Engineer of Reach One, Hegga Reddy, when contacted, distanced BMRCL from the incident saying that the two persons were actually the thieves who were making away with the iron pipe from the proposed Metro Rail Station.

‘Thief’ nabbed

A person who tried to steal money from a vehicle hit by the iron pipe at the metro site has been handed over to the police. When the car driver came out, a person allegedly tried to steal the money kept in a briefcase. People spotted him and handed him over to the police.

Do accidents and Metro go together?

During last eleven months, the ‘Namma Metro’ project has witnessed eight accidents, claiming five lives and injuring four others. In December 2008, a crane toppled onto a pit dug for laying a pier/pillar on CMH Road, in Indiranagar. However, no injuries were reported.

But the second time around, an accident claimed the life of a 20-year-old security guard who came under the wheels of an earthmover on Mahatma Gandhi Road-Brigade Road junction on January 11. A few days later, four workers were injured during a demolition operation in Rajajinagar I Block on January 29, when a wall fell on them. Again, on May 23 a worker died in another demolition when a building wall collapsed on him on Mahakavi Kuvempu Road in Rajajinagar.

In July, Sangappa Dasappanannavar (23), a native of Bellary who was a labourer employed by the contractor Binyas to demolish properties for the Metro died after sustaining injuries when a wall he was demolishing near Lalbagh West Gate collapsed on him.

Then, on August 3 an under construction pier foundation slipped during handling on CMH Road, injuring two labourers. On October 6, an iron rod fell on a Reva electric car on M G Road, at the Webb’s junction, opposite Raheja Towers. Luckily enough, the occupants escaped unhurt. However, the windshield of the car was shattered due to the impact.
Worker Suchand Roy, (22), died at Vijayanagar on October 9.