Watching cartoons un-Islamic, says Deoband ...

Watching cartoons un-Islamic, says Deoband ...

Known for issuing fatwas (religious decrees) on a variety of issues pertaining to different aspects of life, the leading Islamic seminary, the Darul Uloom, Deoband, has now said that watching cartoon films on television is un-Islamic.

The seminary made the observation in response to a query by a Pakistani national who sought an opinion from the clerics on whether Islam allowed watching cartoons on television.

In their response, the clerics of Darul Ifta (the department of fatwa) said that cartoon was a “picture” and watching the same, even if it was a comedy character, was against the tenets of Islam.

Senior cleric Mufti Arif Quasmi said: “Cartoon is a picture. Besides, it is not for the children. It should not be watched.” The other clerics also supported the fatwa.

Earlier, the seminary had issued fatwas on several issues, especially those pertaining to women.

Recently, it had issued a fatwa against the use of perfumes with alcohol content, tattoos and against wearing jeans. The clerics had also said that Muslim women must not take part in modelling.

Similarly, it had decreed that sporting “western hairstyle” was “unlawful” for Muslim women. The seminary had also issued a fatwa saying that “waxing from knees to navel is not allowed in Islam”.

The Darul Uloom had issued fatwa against appointment of Muslim women as receptionists, calling it illegal and against the Sharia.

The seminary has in fact created a record of sorts in terms of the number of fatwas issued. Many of its fatwas, particularly those dealing with women’s issues, has been criticised by Muslims and even the clerics.

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