Giving wings to dreams

Giving wings to dreams

Proud To Be Pesites

When it comes to engineering colleges, two aspects that come to mind are overburdened students and hi-fi living standards. While it’s rare to see education and cultural programmes going hand-in-hand in technical courses, PESIT College has managed to achieve that.

The College not only tops in many international technical events but has also performed well in cultural events globally. The students attributes the credit to the college faculty. Vishal R, a final-year student of Mechanical Engineering, says, “Not many colleges give as much money to student projects as my college does. The faculty members are approachable and we can go to them for help at any time.”

He was part of the 12-member-team that had a stall at the Bangalore Aero Show. His car Haya was showcased on the runway and was seen by Ratan Tata. “How many students get a chance to meet such an icon and test your F1 car near an airplane runway,” he exclaims. The project cost his team around 13 lakh and a major chunk of it was sponsored by the college.

Anvesh Bellamkomda, a fifth semester student, avers, “The college allowed me to chase my dreams by allowing me to participate in an international project — ‘Pace’. We are producing a car for emerging markets like China, India  and other countries.” The students are also working on ‘Heat Ventilation Air Condition’. “The college has provided us with software and hardware that are difficult to get in market,” he adds. Samhitha Poonacha, a classmate of Anvesh, says, “The seniors and juniors mix well at the sports complex. The best part is when we hold ‘Infini’, the inter-college sports meet, when the students conduct the whole event with a little help from the teachers.”

Sushma Alhonsa, a student of biotechnology, says, “The College has two dance teams, an Indian dance troupe called ‘Sanskrithi’ and a Western group. We have won more than 60 prizes, all across the world.” Akash A, a final-year student of Mechanical Engineering, feels the college has given wings to his dreams. “Since school days, I wanted to do something in aerospace and joining this college has helped me achieve that.” He has built two planes that won first prize at the Indian and Asian level and 13th place in the world.

In spite of all this, a few students off the record complained about the ‘extra discipline’ the institute maintains. “We don’t have the liberty to walk freely on campus. If a guard catches you outside during class hours, he will give you a ‘fraction slip’ and marks will be deducted,” said a third semester student.