'Reality shows are not my cup of tea'

'Reality shows are not my cup of tea'

Tough Job

Namma Bangalore hudugi, Smita Rao, has just returned from her stint on a reality show Making The Cut. This programme, which was looking out for the country’s best model and designer in the fashion industry, sure was a challenge for Smita who has been in the industry for quite sometime now.

Speaking to Metrolife, Smita says that the picture that was painted to her by the producers was very different from what was showcased.

“Actually I was told that it was going to be on the lines of Project Runway and American Top Model but it was nothing like that. In fact, it ended being more designer centric,” she adds.  
Though she was one of the strongest contenders in the show, she was eliminated in the third episode as she tripped during one of the sequences.

 “I don’t know why such a big deal was made out of the tripping issue because firstly, I didn’t fall and secondly, a lot of top models have tripped on the runway before. What’s the big deal about it,” she asks. A reality show cannot be complete without drama and Smita too had her share of it. “The day I was eliminated another team was also eliminated but they suddenly cut off the sound and decided not to eliminate them for some reason,” she adds.

There was a challenging task every week and Smita found it tough to climb the swinging ladder, which was a part of her task.

“Actually I had hurt my shoulder and I couldn’t really climb that ladder and that was very embarrassing because every one else did it and I felt very bad for my partner. But we made it for that during the fashion show,” she says.  So will we get to see her in any other reality show again? “No way, I have had my share of reality. It’s not my cup of tea,” she says frankly.