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Today's Letters

Raw deal for lone 'fair sex' minister

Sir, This refers to 'Unfair deal for fair sex in India' (DH, Nov  10).  This is indeed supported by another news story in the same page, ie about the resignation of the lone ‘fair sex’ minister Shobha Karandlaje in the BJP ministry. Unfortunately there are no answers to her questions from her male colleagues, who sought her resignation. And, this is happening in full public glare and even supports the statistics of the World Economic Forum.

Monisha Madhumita


Official political joke
This refers to 'Rebels were studying rural development in AP!' (DH, Nov9). Our politicians have mastered the art of swiftly changing colours. There cannot be a bigger or more cruel joke than this on the people of Karnataka.

Probably, MLA Renukacharya and his team are now planning for making their stay at five star hotels official and charge the government for this.

M K Visweswara

Opportunity lost

The crisis in Karnataka BJP has blown over for now. The party high command instead of taking strong action and sending a clear signal to the powerful Bellary brothers, has buckled under pressure and lost the opportunity to discipline them. The 'compromise formula' can at best be a temporary solution and it is anybody's guess as to how long it would endure putting the stability of the state government under great strain. The governance is likely to suffer in the long run.

V Padmanabhan
Ventura, CA

CM's new 'tears' flood relief fund  

Karnataka has been paralysed for a fortnight and has been forced to witness the sordid drama being enacted on our TV screens and in the newspapers. Meanwhile, the poor who lost their property in the recent floods in north Karnataka have all been forgotten. I am afraid a large amount of the money collected by your newspaper, and other agencies, will now be diverted to another kind of flood relief - to relieve the 'flood' of tears streaming down our CM's face!

Ajit K Huilgol


Taking law into their hands

The act of the newly elected MLAs of the Maharastra Navanirman Sena in having assulted the Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi for taking the oath in Hindi instead of Marathi is condemnable.   It is an assault on our democracy, a shame for our constitution.   It is a shame for the nation.   Our constitution has recognised some languages as the official languages of the Union.   Hindi is one among them.   As such, taking oath in Hindi is not a violation.    The rampage owes the 'marathi manoos' is unfortunate and lacks morality.   They deserve the suspension ordered which may be an eye opener for others who indulge in violence in the Houses.

Secondly the representation of the peoples act should be amended. A minimum qualification should be prescribed for a candidate to contest the elections so as to become eligible for an MLA or MP and also he should undergo a training course for at least six months.  This will bar rowdy elements to become members of the house.

Sravana Ramachandran,

Mistake on both sides

There is enough hue and cry about MNS MLA's manhandling Samajwadi Party legislator Abu Asim Azmi for taking the oath of office in Hindi and rightfully so. It is reported that Azmi was requested by MNS to take oath in Marathi. Mr. Azmi has been elected as MLA in Maharashtra by Maratha's and what is wrong in taking oath in Marathi, if he knows the language. Why provoke an issue on the first day of the assembly knowing very well there is going to be trouble. I would blame Mr. Azmi equally responsible for the issue.

K R Anandagopalan

Criminals should be out of politics

If criminals who are supposed to be in jails are set free and  allowed to form parties, contest and win elections - then the only result one can expect is what happened in the Maharashtra Assembly recently. The MNS should be derecognised and its members should be put behind bars, if India has to survive as a Democratic country .

Asim Khan

MNS legislators slap Abu Azmi for taking oath in Hindi

Physical assault on SP MLA Abu Azmi for having taken oath in Hindi by the educated MNS MLA's in the State Assembly is outrageous and deserves condemnation. They could have voiced their protest in a sober, non- violent form. It is enshrined in the Constitution that any MLA is eligible to take oath in any of the languages so prescribed. But slapping indicates a clear case of a personal vendetta because when some of the MLAs have taken oath in Hindi / English they were greeted by MNS. It is pity that street fights have been enacted on the floor of the Maharashtra State Assembly by the people's representatives.

Deepak Chikramane

Where is Sandalwood is going

This is regarding the Kannada movies that are getting released today. Most of the movies have in some way or the other, been using the Rajkumar factor quite often. There are movies bearing the same name as films in which Raj kumar has acted or he songs sung by himare reused.

The Kannada film industry really took sometime to come of age with indigenous talents like Rajkumar, Kanagal, Sinddalingiah, Vishnuvardhan, GK Venkatesh, Vijayabhaskar to be more authentic than being the parasites of Tamil or Hindi film industry. Now all the good work seems to be undone.

Now, Rajkumar is everywhere in the new films released . This is not only disgusting but also gives an impression that there is nothing new to offer to the audience. Some of the best films in which Raj kumar acted was about 30 years back, which really does not connect with the younger generation now.

It is easy to say that the audience does not come to the theatre. Reminds me of 'Beladingala Baale' by Sunil Kumar Desai. If this movie had been released in any other language - it would not have run even for a week, which became an instant hit in Kannada. That shows the quality and novelty. Can the industry stand up to this?

Raghavendra Udupa,

What a statement: BBMP

One of the most shocking, absurd and immature statement scomes form the powers that be, qualified engineers of BBMP. They say that benches with back rest are unsafe and susceptible to topple.  Simple common sense and logic says that a bench can topple on two counts 1. Its faulty design and 2. its improper fixation.  This apart, there is no reason for the bench to have toppled.  

 The simple fact as also admitted by the authorities, is that this particular accident has occurred not because of back rest; but because of the fact that the bench was not fixed properly to the ground.

The other notable point is that for the elderly, to relax in the park, they certainly need a back rest when they sit down. So having benches without back rest is like wearing walking shoes without a sole.  

I wish and pray that better senses prevail upon them and they take corrective measures in right direction rather than such immature measures.  

The other point of consideration is what guarantees is there of a person not slipping out from a backless bench?

Prakash F Madhwani

Judiciary vs legal fraternity

The clash between the Judiciary and the legal fraternity seems to be getting frequent. Advocates who should be restrained and calm are resorting to confrontationist tactics. Whatever the merits of any malfeasance by the Honorable judge, it should have been seen settled through proper judicial forums.

Such aggressive form of demonstrations can only lower the image of the legal fraternity. In this clash between the judiciary and the legal fraternity it is unfortunately that the litigants suffer and get trampled.


Court sanctity violated  

 Of late, we witness too many instances of Court halls and their premises becoming places of violence and defiance of law, not involving criminals, but involving Judges and lawyers. These developments in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the institution of justice do not augur well for the democracy in the country. One wonders whether the judges who are involved in controversial issues or face charges of corruption and lawyers who are perpetrators of violence and defiance of law have any right to argue and decide upon cases of corruption charges against the politicians or bureaucrats and rowdies and hooligans who fight on the streets and commit murders!

It is important for the judges and lawyers to understand fully the importance of the positions they hold and the sanctity of the court rooms where they argue and decided upon justice.

K K Cherian

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