Snacks with a dollop of butter


Snacks with a dollop of butter

The rich aroma of home-made butter emanates from every nook and corner of Jeweller’s Street, which is located near Commercial Street.

The entire stretch is lined with small eateries, which are known for doling out fresh snacks like idli, plain dosa, masala dosa etc — all made in rich home-made butter.

Every shop here has its own flavour and taste. The butter prepared in each
shop is different and the vendors have their own way of enhancing the taste of the snacks.

“The butter is prepared by us and most of the shops here cook everything in home-made butter. We use a certain procedure to churn out the butter and try to stick to it. However, the taste of butter in each shop is different,” explains Swamy, one of the vendors.

A creamy layer of butter is spread on the tava and the dosa batter is then poured evenly. The flavours and the aroma of the butter make the dosa crisp and delicious. Served with coconut and dhaniya chutney, the dosas here sell fast. Surprisingly, the idlis served in these shops are equally popular.

The dollop of butter, which is added on a steaming plate of soft idlis melts making them extremely delicious. Served with coconut and groundnut chutney, it is a treat for those who love idlis.

Ganesh, whose shop is located at the end of the street, does not even have
a minute to spare as the customers keep calling out to him for their snacks.

“I shut shop by eight. We not only have tourists but also professionals from in and around the area, who come in the afternoon or when they have tea break
for a quick snack.

My shop is packed during the holidays as people from all parts of the City come here. Along with idli and plain dosa, I also serve semiya baath,
special dosa and masala dosa etc. We also have a group of customers who visit our eatery on a regular basis,” he says.

At times, the demand for these snacks are such that people have to place their
orders in advance. The choices are plenty. One can choose from the entire line up of shops located on this street and identify the distinct flavours that each one is known for.

The pocket-friendly prices are a big advantage. And almost all the shops serve gulab jamuns also. The food is made fresh right in front of the customer and served as per their requirements. The rich aroma of the butter will certainly guide the foodies to
the right spot.

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