Strange are her ways

Strange are her ways

She is so enticing, vivacious and desirable that she is sought after by everyone the world over despite her being ever elusive and capricious! She favours only the exclusive ones of her choice and has the power to save lives, make a rag picker a millionaire overnight and vice-versa entirely at her will and pleasure.

During the recent heavy rains that caused havoc in Karwar, a boy who was playing carrom with his relatives in his house was drawn out by a loud noise outside. The next moment the house was submerged in mounds of earth due to huge landslide, burying the other inmates alive.

This is only one of the myriad instances where Lady Luck has played her mysterious role in deciding the course of events. We hear day in and out of instances of people whose lives are miraculously saved when their missed flights or trains crashed, killing all on board. It is indisputable that there is an element of luck in every sphere of our life, the nature and pattern of which is as formless as floating clouds.

The possible occurrence of events cannot be predicted accurately even by the scientifically based ‘Theory of Probability,’ due to a complexity of factors involved. But we have to sometime or other depend on her in many of our endeavours involving grave consequences.

Recently, at the meticulously arranged wedding of the daughter of a well-placed and highly influential person, the event had to be called off at the last moment because the bridegroom’s mother died owing to massive heart attack in the mantap itself.

That ended the big show and also broke up the alliance itself as it was construed that the bride brought ‘ill-luck’ to the family with her first step! Had she brought a fat contract with her she would have been hailed a harbinger of good tidings for the family.

While these are aspects on which we have no control, what can be said of the ‘heroes’ who deliberately risk their life depending on the Lady Luck? I refer to the dreaded sport ‘Russian Roulette’ played in some parts Europe where a revolver with six chambers, in which five are loaded with dummy cartridges and one with a live one, is used. The players sit in a circle and each one takes the revolver, spins its chamber cylinder, places the weapon against his head and squeezes the trigger. Lucky ones survive to win big money. No wonder many lives are lost in this senseless sport. Strange, indeed, are the ways of Lady Luck!

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