'There is no exclusive urinal for women'

'There is no exclusive urinal for women'

Sarita Chaudhary, Mayor of  south Delhi, says the civic body is all set to begin a “major initiative” to build toliet blocks on major roads under its jurisdiction.

But there are no plans for women-only urinals. Excerpts from an interview with Avinash Singh Sudan:

Why is there no separate urinal block only for women?

Toilets and urinals have been provided to people since the time of the formation of Municipal Corporation of Delhi. There has hardly been any case where a urinal has been constructed exclusively for the use by ladies. Incidentally, for locations which have provisions for gents as well as ladies, there is a separate entry for women to ensure their privacy.

Why is the maintenance of public loos been given to market associations?

Ever since the formation of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, a proposal was initiated to entrust the maintenance work to market associations. Since these associations are directly associated with the operational aspects of the markets on a day to day basis, it has been thought appropriate of entrusting them the maintenance work. These associations, however, have to abide by the terms and conditions approved the corporation.

Do you think the current number of toilets under South Corporation is enough?

The issue of inadequate number of public convenience was felt after the formation of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. The corporation has now taken up a major initiative to construct toilet blocks on the major roads that fall under its limits.

What are the upcoming projects with regard to urinals for women?

The proposed toilets will have separate facilities for ladies, gents as well as physically handicapped persons.

Since all the major roads fall under the jurisdiction of Public Works Department, so their permission is sought. After the PWD gives its permission, the construction of toilets blocks will be taken up vigorously.