National seminar on coffee on Dec 13

National seminar on coffee on Dec 13

 The seminar aims at bringing the problems faced by coffee growers to the attention of Central and State government and to urge them to take steps to revive and rejuvenate coffee cultivation.

Seminar Convener P K Devaiah addressing a news conference said that India’s coffee cultivation has a glorious history of 180 years but at present it is made to face several challenges due to unfavourable weather condition and market fluctuation. The seminar aims at finding solutions for various problems threatening coffee cultivation.

Over 600 people from different parts of India where coffee is cultivated will take part in the programme.

The resolutions passed during the programme will be submitted to both state as well as central government for action, he informed.

He said that there are as many as 2 lakh coffee growers in Kodagu district alone, Chikmagalur and Hassan district has about 2.5 lakh growers. In Kodagu, he said over 80 per cent of the growers are dependent on coffee cultivation for livelihood.

“If the problems of coffee growers are not solved at the earliest, the economic condition will deteriorate leaving the families dependent on coffee cultivation in a miserable condition,” Devaiah said and added that price fluctuation, labour problems, disease affecting coffee plants and various other problems have added to the miseries of the cultivators.

“Coffee is widely grown in Western Ghats, which is suitable for coffee cultivation and large number of trees which are grown to provide shade to coffee plants are contributing towards ecological well being. Government must give permission to the coffee growers to cut the trees grown on their land when the price of coffee slashes,” said Devaiah.
Rotary Club President K S Rajashekar, former president Dr S P Dharanendra and others were present.