Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

I had the privilege of participating in recruitment of fresh graduates from the campus during the days I was associated with the corporate world. One finds various categories of students in these institutions with varied levels of maturity and ambition.

Students, who are straightforward, answer to the point, the ones who can be categorised as the truly smart ones.  The second type are those who beat around the bush with the intent of trying to impress you but ultimately turn out as being over smart. And then you find a third category who is generally shy, not sure what to say, very conscious, the conservative types.

Institutions prepare their students for this important event called campus placements where there is a concept of Day-Zero, something I never understood.  It is not uncommon to find tutored students reproduce answers to certain questions, monotonously, with little variations when the same question is posed to more than one candidate. Do not be surprised if you had probably heard the same answers in the previous years or hear them the next year.

In the midst of all this, I heard responses from a couple of candidates that I can never forget in my life. Hearing such a reply from students of that age only showed the high level of positive attitude, gratitude and the strong values they held. This came from students of colleges and institutions that were remotely located. Let me describe two such instances that really impressed me.

I asked the candidate as to how he would react if the organization, at some point of time, went through trying times and found it difficult to pay salaries for a couple of months. Without even blinking an eyelid came the answer, “Sir, there have been times at home when we have not been able to have two square meals a day, I have not disowned my parents.”

Yet in another instance, I asked a candidate what his ambition in life was? He answered, “I would like to see my parents travel by plane. As a child my father, a carpenter, has made a lot of wooden toy planes for me to play when he had not even seen the inside of a plane nor thought that he ever would.”

These answers touched my heart, tears filling up the eye, only because they were not answers made up or tutored but they actually truly came straight from their hearts. I knew then, that these boys would go a long way in their life.