Stamps that teach children learn alphabets

Stamps that teach children learn alphabets

Philatelist M K Krishnaiah educates children through stamps

Stamps that teach children learn alphabets

Giving a new dimension to the stamp collection, Udupi based philatelist and DK Philatelists and Numismatics Association President M K Krishnaiah has experimented by collecting stamps with pictures that elaborate the alphabets in different languages.

In his initiative to educate children through stamps, Krishnaiah has prepared the lists of alphabets in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu languages with example to each alphabet.

 Stamps with pictures of describing each example are placed adjacent to the list of alphabets. For example, ‘Aane’ (elephant) is given as an example to the Kannada alphabet ‘Aa’.

If generally, diagram or picture of the elephant is used to convey the meaning of alphabet more effectively to small children, Krishnaiah has used stamps with pictures of the elephant to explain the alphabet to children.

In the map, he has placed three stamps suitable for each example to make it more convenient for the children to understand.

He has been taking these maps to schools and engaging classes to children.

The new method is not only educative, but also helps in motivating children to develop an interest towards stamps collection. 

The stamps that have been placed according to the alphabets are of wide varieties. Apart from the Indian stamps, there are also stamps from foreign nations.

It includes stamps from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Hungery, Russia, Sweden, Nepal, Australia, Japan, Tanzania and many other countries.

Though the process of placing stamps for Kannada alphabets has been already completed, search for stamps to denote Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam alphabets is still on. “I have got a good response for my initiative from the students fraternity.

I will complete the process of collecting stamps for the alphabets of the  remaining three languages soon,” he told Deccan Herald.