Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Aradhana concerts

Sri Raghavendraswamy Aradhana provided another opportunity for connoisseurs to savour their favourite music concerts. Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi, conducted the Rayara Aradhana with both religious and cultural programmes, at their own premises – Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt, Sudhindra Nagara, Malleswaram.

G Ravikiran chose entirely Kannada devaramanas for his concert, which suited the occasion. He is a student of Dr  R K Srikantan and continuing the training with T M Krishna, popular vocalist. He is an engineering graduate and has won prizes from reputed organisations like All India Radio, Krishna Gana Sabha, Karnataka Ganakala Parishat and Gayana Samaja.

The “Maanava Janma Doddadu” was rendered with brief swara. It is a significant composition which highlights human values. “Odi Baraiah” – is an ever popular devaranama. He elaborated with alapana and nerval (Mangalathmaka Mohana Kaya), which gave him enough scope.

Though it was not one of Ravikiran’s best concerts, it left a pleasing impact. In the concluding session, he also sang Jagadoddarana, Noduvude Kannu and Daasana Madiko Enna. B K Raghu and B C Manjunath supported him on violin and mridanga respectively.

Colourful puppet show

Puppet shows are one of the famous folk arts of our country. Though they perform mainly mythological stories, historical and social themes are also chosen occasionally. K Narahari Sastry founded Suthramela in 1983, and is struggling hard to restore the traditional puppetry to its lost glory.

Sastry, 81, has experimented in puppets creation and manipulation methods in upper rod puppets, string puppets, glove puppets and has conducted workshops to guide young aspirants.

Narahari Sastry had chosen “Indra Garvabhanga” for the show at the Raghavendra Seva Samithi. The popular story of the epic Mahabharatha was attractive with episodes like Vignaraja pooja, Parijatha pushpa, Naarada’s instigation and characters like Indra, Krishna, Rukmini, Sathyabhama, Narada etc. A team of dedicated artistes supported from the wings.

K Narahari Sastry (direction, script), Ravindra Narahari, Sandhya Ravindra, M R Ranganatha Rao, A R Sathyanarayana (manipulators), K Muralidhar (music and dialogue) and a few others assisted. It was a colourful and educative puppet show, with live music. The show – deserves all encouragement.

Popular vocalist

Popular vocalist M S Sheela presented a number of Kannada compositions of different Haridasas, in an attractive way. She was well accompanied by Nalina Mohan on violin and Manjunath on mridanga.

‘Sathatha Gananatha,’ the popular invocatory song, gave her a fine start. The ragalapana for “Manave Kondadu” was embellished with lively sangathies.

‘Sakala Grahabala Neene’ is another popular devaranama. Yenu Karuneyo, Srinivasanu Oliyalu – were also good. With a prelude of a ugabhoga the “Hariye Shri Hariye,” she made a mark with her accomplishments.

Of course she is capable of much more impact but sang the devotional pieces with lyrical graces.

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