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‘Cauvery’ is no more

Gloom pervades the Sakrebailu elephant training camp, located 12 kilometres away from Shimoga. Cauvery, the oldest elephant in the camp, passed away due to age-related health problems recently.

In 2011, the gritty Cauvery had survived an attack by wild elephants.
Six months ago, Cauvery could be seen moving around stoically, close to her companion Kapila.

In 2004, the elephant had given birth to a male calf. At 69 years old, Cauvery was then the oldest elephant in the camp with a new born calf. Spectrum had featured Cauvery and her calf at the time.

As per the forest department records, the gentle giant was part of the Sakrebail elephant training camp run by the department, for more than 45 years.

In spite of her old age, Cauvery used to entertain visitors during the annual Elephant Day celebrations regularly organised by the forest department.

A young rogue elephant captured from the Kakankote forest in the year 1968, Cauvery, who was uncontrollable in the beginning, became a great help with passing years in the camp to the forest department in taming wild elephants that were brought there after being captured.

During her four-odd decades of long stay at Sakrebailu, Cauvery gave birth to five male and three female calves.