Falling rupee curtails dreams


Falling rupee curtails dreams

If on the one hand the government is in a state of stupor because of the dipping rupee, on the other there are a bunch of youngsters whose dreams have been marred ever since the rupee went into a free fall.

The worst hit are the students who wished to pursue further education abroad or even just visit foreign places for vacations have dropped their plans.

With rupee reaching nearly 70 per USD, foreign trips have become extremely costly for the Indian tourists, with many either cancelling or opting for domestic holidays.

Saurabh Mallick, a freelance fimmaker who was planning to go to USA for a vacation with friends shares his ‘bad luck’ with Metrolife. “We had made our plans for the USA. We even planned to book tickets and hotels but this development killed our plans. It has shaken our budget totally. USA is all the more very expensive and it is just not on our budget.”
Another youngster Gargi Mishra, shares her plight of cancelling her foreign vacation to the same location. “Although, I have relatives in USA and I had planned to go to Las Vegas for a month or so, now because of the soaring rate of the tickets, I have cancelled the trip.”

There are others whose concerns are more long-term – students who aspired to go abroad for further studies. Prerna Kochhar, a communication student who aspires to go abroad for further education, says, “I will have to chip in a lot more money from my family’s hard earned savings to study abroad now. Because of this situation I might have to take educational loan which is an add-on expense.”

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