Language of love

Language of love

Science is the greatest gift to humanity. But, unfortunately this gift has turned fatal for humanity.

It may sound strange but the reality is that human beings were much much happier without technology as compared to today where we have all sorts of technology, yet we are not happy. Why? The answer is simple.We have all got so addicted to technology that we have lost the subtle art of connecting with each other from heart to heart.

Today in one house each family member communicates with each other through various kinds of chats or video conferencing.

There is no room left for physical communication at all, as a result of which there is no exchange of feelings which forms a major part of any communication activity.

Today youngsters are wary of getting into any kind of communication that involves exchange of feelings.This is because they are scared of getting hurt or let down by the opposite person.

But the need of the hour is to embark upon a communication that is far more than skin deep, and may touch another person’s soul to ignite the light of love, creativity and delight.

In order to maintain good relationships and resolve any conflict or misunderstanding, the inner work of respecting ourselves and the opposite person is too essential, because if we don’t respect the person we are communicating with, then it would be non-verbally communicated to that person through our largely unconscious body language, as our actual words only form a tiny percentage of our communication.

Therefore, our true feelings will definitely reveal themselves, whether we like it or not. To get over these hurdles,we must work towards heightening our awareness of who we are and how we function.

The idea is to challenge our own beliefs, attitudes and approaches which create obstacles in our ability to create healthy relationships.Hence, the more we know ourselves, more we will be able to understand others.

An enlightened soul is the one who communicates from the heart with love, speaks only those words that would uplift others and keep a  positive vision that holds the best intention for others. So let’s embark upon a new journey that’s full of positivity and unconditional love.