Kaimur DM's austerity: Walks to office to save fuel

Kaimur DM's austerity: Walks to office to save fuel

In a noble display of austerity to cut down fuel consumption in view of rise in prices of petrol, district head of Bihar's Kaimur district has decided to walk down to office and switch off generators during lunch break in offices.

To set an example, the DM Arvind Kumar Singh is himself walking about 2 km to reach office since yesterday.

He has appealed to all the offices in the district to cut down fuel consumption in all possible ways.

"These little steps can help the nation lower down its import of petroleum products which is costing our economy heavily... we want to set an example," Singh told PTI today.

Following her boss, Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Nirmala Kumari was today seen walking to the office.

The DM said he has appealed to all government officers to travel by public transport or train for meeting or other official work either to capital Patna or elsewhere.
The generator should be switched off for two hours during lunch break from 1 pm to 3 pm.

The DM said he has also decided not to move with the escort team and would engage security of the police stations coming into way of his itinerary.

He said the austerity drive will be mandatory for every first week of the month. But, the practise of switching off generator during lunch break would be in place throughout the month.

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