Fashion for a cause

Fashion for a cause

Entertaining Show

Fashion for a cause

Event for Social Cause’, held at the Holy Trinity Church Hall recently, was all about celebrating a cause in style. The event, which included a variety of programmes like dances, songs and a fashion show, was entertaining and kept the audience involved. It started off with a bharatanatyam recital, which was followed by another dance sequence called Vaisnavajanato, a performance by visually-impaired and hearing-impaired children.

The other dance sequences which were performed at the event included ones on ‘Gangnam Style’, Dola Re and Pyar Ki Ek Kahani Suno. A group of young children performed a dance sequence that made everyone break into applause.

Apart from these energetic sequences, the evening also saw people singing melodious songs from Bollywood like ‘Love the Way Life’, Ye Sham Mastani, Ruth Na Jana, Aap Jaisa Koi Mere and others. With the audience swaying their heads in rhythm and clapping in tune, it was clear that they were impressed with each of the musicians who shared their talent on stage.

The highlight of the event was the fashion show, which was held in two rounds — ethnic and western, portraying an unsaid message that fashion is for everyone. In the ethnic line, there were saris in the brightest colours and sherwanis. The western round consisted of dresses and other casual outfits for women along with suits and informal wear for men. Appreciation in the form of screaming, clapping and whistling flooded the venue, as everyone enjoyed the different styles that were showcased. Commenting on the nature of the event, Vicky Sharma , founder of ‘Roshni — Spark’s Life’, which held the event, said, “The main and only intention of the programme is to contribute back to the society in whatever best way one can. Death is inevitable, yet we all wish to stay on forever. And the best way to do so is by creating memorable moments for others around us.” He added, “Our organisation intends to continue that spark in other’s lives. This is our first event and we hope that we will keep getting the support that we have till now.”
Rachael Richard, a college student, who preformed the bharatanatyam dance, said, “I’ve been learning dance since I was four. And this performance revolved around the concept that if one trusts in the almighty, then he doesn’t need to fear anything.”

The audience was enthusiastic about the talent that was displayed. “I’m not a fan of fashion shows. For me, fashion means strolling through a store to check the latest designs. But here, knowingly or unknowingly, the organisers have slipped in the thought that fashion is for all, whether skinny or the larger side. I appreciate the courage the models as well as the event organisers had to do this,” opined Roopsha Chawla, an audience member.

   She added, “And with the noble cause behind the same, it summed up a great evening.”