Strict guidelines for Ganesha festival

Strict guidelines for Ganesha festival

Strict guidelines for Ganesha festival

The City police have set strict guidelines for all Ganesha pandals on the eve of the festival for safe and harmonious celebration.

According to Police Commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar deployment of CCTVs and volunteers with distinct badges and ‘T’ shirts have been made compulsory at pandals.

In all, the guidelines have 14 points. Besides prior permission for putting up pandals at public places, organisers have to obtain written permission from land owner for submission to police, and submit all contact details of secretary, chairman and other office bearers of the organising committee.

Further, at least two volunteers from the organisers identified with badge and distinct ‘T’ shirt have been mandated to be present at the pandal 24 hours through the days. Barricades have to be erected to ensure there is no crowding and ensure smooth movement. Lighting arrangements have to be ratified by Bescom.

Loud speakers are allowed only during stipulated hours between 6 am and 10 pm. Cooking food in and around the pandal has been banned.

The City police are yet to finalise routes and schedules for Ganesha idol immersion procession.

Once the routes are finalised, each pandal would be assigned with the schedule and route.