Knick-knacks for your home

Knick-knacks for your home

Knick-knacks for your home

Nowadays we see many homes fully furnished with various decorative items. We also see many decorative items which are actually being used for multiple purposes. These are called knick-knacks.

Some are small and also in the form of a particular object, with animals and angels being among the most popular designs. People buy these items for a variety of reasons. Most of them are bought on vacation as a souvenir or memento of the trip. Some are purchased as part of a collection. Knick-knacks can also be an important part of the décor of a home. A home with a particular theme can include all items which suits the theme.

For example, if the theme is based on the sea, then it can include small statues of dolphins or paintings with sea or water. While buying decorative items for a home one must be careful, as some which are displayed may create a cluttered look. Various items make knick-knacks. Recycled pieces are a wonderful way to incorporate fabulous, decorative pieces into your home. Some sandpaper and some spray paint can do wonders in transforming trash into treasure. A retired water pitcher can be used as a vase for flowers. If there is an old cheese-grater, it can be used for jewellery display.

Inspiration from nature

We can use mother nature as inspiration. Lot of natural materials with natural colours can be used as showpieces. There are bowls and plates with bamboo which can create a sense of serenity and style. Some wooden furniture like a stool can be used to mount a vase or phone. It can also be painted upon. Paint a bird’s nest and display it as a decorative piece. Themes based on nature help in enhancing the tranquility of your house. The birdcage can also act as an cool candle holder. A surfboard can be made into a top of a coffee table or a television stand or serving tray. 

Small items such as jars and pots can be used as small containers to store things, newspaper can be used for packing things while travelling and for cleaning, and old clothes can be used as cushion covers. Many keep various types of colourful coasters at home. Old CDs can be stuck together in colourful paper and be made into coasters,  plastic lids can be placed under oil jars in the cupboard to prevent oils marks or rust marks on shelves. Old wet-wipe containers make great string dispensers and branches and twigs from your garden can be incorporated into decorations. While travelling, old small lip balm pots and small toiletry containers can be refilled and used as travelling packs. You can also use empty picture frames to create striking geometric patterns against a wall. A cleverly arranged bookcase can also be done. Keep a look out for things that can add aesthetic and functional value to your home.

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