'Every film has its own destiny'

'Every film has its own destiny'


'Every film has its own destiny'

With expected oomph and elan when PC aka Priyanka Chopra walked in for the press conference of her upcoming film Zanjeer, unfortunately she ended up apologising first for making everyone wait for over two hours!

One can’t say if the wait was worth it because she chose to reply to questions in her short and sweet style. “It wasn’t decided that my next film would release after a gap of a year,” she proclaimed, elucidating, “this year I have three back-to-back releases - Zanjeer, Krrish 3 and Gunday.” 

And she is glad that she has been part of three remakes of Amitabh Bachchan’s films: “I’m lucky that Mr Bachchan’s remake films come to me because he is my favourite actor!”Speaking of AB’s films, Priyanka adds, “We have taken our inspiration from the original Zanjeer and made our own version. It is actually a reimagined version of the Zanjeer,” said the actress who plays the character of an NRI Gujarati in the film.

“I’m close to my father in the film too. There is a cute scene where I go to the police station and irritate Ram Charan. Just when he is about to say Ye tumhare baap ka ghar nahin hain, I snap and say Aye Pappa pe mat jana,” she laughs, while mentioning that she didn’t have any action scenes. “Mera action sirf yehi raha hai that I have seen Appu (aka director Apoorva Lakhia) saying, ‘ACTION’!” 

Though she had the right answer for every question, the reason for choosing to wear shorts in a promotional song of the film rendered her speechless. “It was Appu’s fantasy,” she says and Apoorva Lakhia quickly adds, “to see her in chaddi!”

After the light banter, it was time to speculate about the success of Zanjeer compared to Don and Agneepath (also Amitabh Bachchan’s films) Priyanka said, “Every film has its own destiny. This one is a masala blockbuster film. Of course, there is a familiarity with the story but you can go and watch it afresh.”

Aware of the fact that her film is releasing on the same day as her cousin Parineeti’s, it seems she was ready with the answer to thwart all queries. “Chopra weekend hai, sab jaake enjoy kariye,” she says with pun intended!