Slew of false alerts about Jaishanker stumps police

Slew of false alerts about Jaishanker stumps police

Every tip being 'meticulously verified'; 'systematic' plan to nab fugitive

Slew of false alerts about Jaishanker stumps police

The Bangalore police, who are spending sleepless nights worrying about the fugitive serial killer rapist M Jaishanker, have been flummoxed by the numerous but contradictory alerts about the man.

In Mysore, the owner of a wine store at Maharaja Complex opposite KSRTC suburban bus stand alerted the police that a man “closely resembling Jaishanker” visited his tavern on Thursday. Police Commissioner, Mysore M A Saleem, said the man in question was not Jaishankar.

Jaishanker, who is facing trial in several murders and rapes, escaped from Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara in Bangalore on Sunday.

Although workers at the store claimed to have served Jaishanker around 11.38 am, the CCTV footage told an altogether different story. When Jaishanker’s photograph and the footage were shown to them, they backtracked on their version of the incident. Still, the police did not take any chances and issued an alert for Jaishanker in Mysore and the surrounding areas, Saleem who visited the place told Deccan Herald.

A senior officer in Bangalore police, who is supervising the efforts to trace Jaishanker, said a “well-deliberated and systematic” approach was being put in place to catch the fugitive.
Senior officers said they were baffled by reports that the man was sighted at different places and at the same time. The special team to track him down has received little clue so far.

On Wednesday, police went on a wild-goose chase after receiving an alert that a man “looking too similar” to Jaishanker was spotted sleeping on a footpath close to Byrasandra Cross near Bidadi in Ramanagara district. Local police said residents claimed the man disappeared in the morning.

There were also rumours that the same man had asked for a lift from a lorry driver who obliged him but fled later. This alert also turned out to be false.

Kamal Pant, the Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), Bangalore who is monitoring the efforts to trace Jaishanker, confirmed that alerts had been received about Jaishanker from places as far as Vellore in Tamil Nadu, Sakleshpur in Hassan district, Byrasandra Cross near Bidadi, Mysore, Chikmagalur.

As a lookout notice had been issued for him and thousands of posters were printed and sent to various places across Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, multiple alerts were expected. He further said that no alert could be ignored, although many turned out to be false.

Pant stressed that every alert had been “meticulously” verified before being ruled out. In all such places, the local police were taken into confidence and the vigil was heightened.