Flaunt your arms, cutaway style

Flaunt your arms, cutaway style


Tops and dresses with cutaway sleeves are perhaps the most sensuous choices for women with toned arms, reckons Michelle Cherian

If you have smooth and bronzed upper arms and they are well toned, nothing like showing them off in a cutaway sleeve dress. One celebrity who carries off cutaway sleeves with elan is Michelle Obama, who apparently works out really hard, to keep her upper arms toned. Surely, many can sill recollect her in a picture with a green cutaway sleeve shift dress, with contrast blue piping. Her slim and toned arms were the talk of the paparazzi for a month!

If you feel your wardrobe is getting dull, buy a cutaway sleeve dress. It will definitely add colour and variation to your wardrobe. While colours and prints are important to any dress, a great shape and style is what will really make heads turn. The most popular dress style across the page three circuit is the cut-away sleeve.

Most celebrities like to dress to show off their assets. Long hours in the gym and well toned bodies need a frame to be seen in to their advantage. This is where the cut away sleeve ups the shock quotient. A celebrity is sure to make the newspapers and magazines showing off a lot of skin, albeit tastefully. Long necks, slim arms and a svelte pair of legs can make a stunning statement in a cutaway sleeved dress.

You could look for a short mini gingham cotton dress with cutaway sleeves for an afternoon luncheon. Or you could splurge on a cutaway shoulders, floaty, swishy, black dress with a neck tie, to make a cocktail party statement. A leopard print cutaway dress could also make heads swivel at an evening do with a lot of young people around. Or, you could never go wrong with a pristine white dress with cutaway sleeves zinged up, with a large embellished and plaited neckline.

A light cutaway sleeved dress can be worn during the day with a pair of dainty sandals. Then, just by adding a bit of sparkle and shimmer, that same dress can take you right into the night. Add a bigger necklace, a large stone ring and sparkly strappy sandals and you will make heads turn, in your sexy cutaway sleeved dress. It is amazing how a few accessories can change the look of a great dress.

Bright colours will also show off your beautiful skin tone. Bright pinks look fantastic on darker skin tones, and a screaming green will show off porcelain skin like you’ve never seen skin before. There is a bright colour out there for everyone, and wearing your colour will make others eyes pop. Wearing a bright colour will also affect your mood and put an extra spring in your step. When you are feeling this good, that bright colour might as well be on a sexy cutaway sleeve dress, so you will feel prettier than ever.

The dresses can be either very short or very long, without much in between. Maxi dresses that reach the floor with cutaway sleeves are all the rage for the older diva.  And then there are the mini dresses with cutaway sleeves that show off a woman’s long legs, perfect for the slim and younger figure. And if you are wondering which fabric to use for the dress, your cutaway sleeve dress can be made of silk, or a silk-like material, cotton, or rayon. Let the dress flow and bounce around you adding to your style. There are a lot of cutaway sleeve dresses with beading around the neck. Wearing these types can add a touch of class and sophistication to the most casual dress.

But as an aside it's important to have your arms waxed smooth for the event. Remember a cut-away-sleeve dress will expose huge areas of your arms and shoulders. A word of caution: Hit the gym with a vengeance. But you need to show off toned arms and shoulders, not butterfly wings and meaty shoulders!