'I have no hard feelings'

'I have no hard feelings'

In the film fraternity, there are always changes in the cast and crew of certain projects.So when the news that the heroine and director of the upcoming Kannada film Supero Ranga had changed, it was nothing new.

Earlier, Deepa Sannidhi and director Loki were roped in for the Upendra-starrer.
But it was suddenly decided to take Kriti Kharbanda as the lead heroine and Sadhu Kokila as the director, days before the launch of the film.
One would have thought this wouldn’t go down too well with Deepa Sannidhi, but she seemed to have no issues with this sudden change.

Talking to Metrolife about it, Deepa states that these things are common in the film industry and there was nothing she could do about it.

 “When I was first approached for the role, I had made it very clear about the number of days I could dedicate to the project. I was busy with another film and the makers of the movie wanted to start this particular project earlier than the said date and I couldn’t really  accommodate it,” says Deepa.

While there were talks about the actress being unaware of the sudden change, Deepa dismisses it all.

“On my part, I was very clear about my dates to the production team. So when they wanted me to change my dates, I simply couldn’t as it wouldn’t really be right to my current film crew.

So, I did understand when they wanted to go ahead with someone else,” she

Why were they changed at the last minute?    K Manju, the producer of the film, explains, “When we decided to start the film, Loki said he would direct it. It was announced that he will be directing Upendra. But I wanted him to do another film and not this one. I will announce that one in a few days.”

“As far as Deepa is concerned, we had to leave her out because of a clash in dates. Deepa is currently busy with another film and we wanted continuous dates from her for this one because we are planning to release the film in December. So, we had to contact Kriti Kharbanda at the last minute. Even she was busy and had committed
to a Telugu film but she gave us dates for this film,” he adds.

Ask Deepa whether she will work with the same production team again and she says,
“Why not? I have no hard feelings. It was a great project but a few things are just not in your hands.

But in future, if I like the script, I will surely work with the same team again.”