SHM, Eagles move into final round

SHM from Citadel 1 and Bangalore Eagles from Citadel 2 sailed into the National Finals of the Team Golf League 2013 after posting comfortable victories in their respective citadels in the Bangalore leg at the Eagleton Golf Course.

While SHM tallied 16 points, 1.5 points ahead of Green Warriors in Citadel 1, Bangalore Eagles scored 15 points in their Citadel 1. The national finals are scheduled at the KGA in December.

Result (winners only): Citadel 1: SHM (Satya Prasad MK, Ajoy Kumar, Madhur Sood, Shankar Gopal, Praveen Singhvi, Narendra Kudva, D Jawahar, Rajagopal Reddy) 16 points.
Citadel 2: Bangalore Eagles (Sgt RBC Nair, NC(E) Ramakant, Lt Col Roche Antony, Col (R) PS Suresh, Sudhir Yadav, BN Subramanya, Arunesh Madan, Anil Tewari) 15 points.

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