Rowdies snatch boat from fishermen, drown in lake

Rowdies snatch boat from fishermen, drown in lake

Rama alias Ole Rama, 26, a rowdy, and Tejas, 17, his associate, both residents of Agara, drowned in Jakkur Lake in Yelahanka police station limits on Thursday.

Rama, police said, led a seven-member team comprising Tejas, Bharath, 20, his brother Sharath, 18, Sridhar, 24, Chetan, 23, and Manjunath, 20, all residents of Agara to buy fish at Jakkur Lake.

Spotting a boat with a couple of fishermen close to it, Rama requested them for the boat. When refused, he  threatened them, directing Bharath, Sharath, Sridhar and Tejas to get into the boat while asking Manjunath and Chetan to stay back on the bank till they returned.

En route, noticing a snake in the water, Rama tried to hit it with the oar, leading to the boat capsizing. Rama and Tejas began swimming towards the bank, leaving the other three to their fate. Noticing this, Chethan and Manjunath rushed to rescue them, along with the fishermen and dragged them to safety, police said.

Thereafter, all the five, assuming that Rama and Tejas had swam to safety, returned home, but grew suspicious when the duo did not return. They alerted the police, who along with the Fire department officials, retrieved the bodies stuck in the silt around the accident spot, on Friday morning.

Rama had parted ways with his parents after he took to crime, while Tejas, Bharath and Sharath had lost their fathers a few years ago. All six were engaged in some small-time work, police said.