Ex-convicts, cellphone helped track him

Ex-convicts, cellphone helped track him

Ex-convicts, cellphone helped track him

 Police officers reportedly ‘used’ a few convicts, who were with Jaishanker for sometime and were released after completing their term, to trace the fugitive.

The former convicts knew very well about Shanker and his habits and were in constant touch with him. The police identified a few such persons and laid a trap for Shanker. These men started contacting Shanker and went on providing clues to the police about his movements. It is said that tracking Shanker became easy for the police as he started using a cellphone after he escaped from the prison, said sources in the Police department.

City Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar’s statement that effective use of technology helped the police in nabbing Shanker indicated that he was using a cellphone. When asked if Shanker was carrying a cellphone, Auradkar just said the police used technology effectively.

Vijay Kumar, driver of a water tanker owned by Narendra Reddy of Kudlu Gate, was the first one who reportedly sighted Shanker on Friday. There is a borewell from where he fills the tanker. Kumar sighted Shankar at one of the abandoned makeshift sheds of fishermen near the borewell.

“I noticed a heavily built middle-aged man lying on the floor in a semi-nude state at one of the sheds at 11 am, when I came for the duty,” Kumar told Deccan Herald. “He introduced himself as a KSRTC bus driver and claimed that his bus was involved in an accident while he was returning from Tamil Nadu. He claimed that he fled the accident spot and reached the shed as the police were chasing him,” he added.

Shanker requested Vijay Kumar to give his cellphone as he wanted to contact his friend at Chandapur. “I sympathised with him as I am also a driver and gave him my cellphone. He spoke for a few minutes and returned the phone,” he said.

“Within no time, I received a call after Shanker returned my cellphone. The caller said he was bus driver Shanker's friend and, I told the caller that I was with him near Sadguru School at Kudlu Gate,” Kumar claimed.