CMC for private participation in park maintenance

CMC for private participation in park maintenance

The CMC has decided to encourage private participation in park maintenance in Madikeri. Accordingly, five parks will be handed over to the private players to maintain it. 

Private players can not only maintain the park but also can get publicity for the products by taking up the initiative.

The CMC will have to spend money to ensure that Madikeri’s parks are maintained well. But, the job doesn't end there. The parks have to maintained for future generations, and the CMC invites private parties to adopt parks.

Private players can not only help in the beautification of the town but also take publicity. Similar initiatives have already been started in Bangalore and Mysore. 

The CMC has decided to hand over Guddemane Appayya Gowda park on Sudarshan Circle, Field Marshal Cariappa park, a park near Kaveri Kalakshethra in Madikeri, park in front of DHO office and Ranipete park. The CMC has imposed a few conditions before handing over the park to private players. As per the conditions, the bidder only should maintain the park. Before changing the landscape of the park, they should seek permission from the CMC. The CMC will not provide any financial assistance for the maintenance of the park. The CMC will provide space for the private firms to publicise their products. 

Interested private firms or NGOs should submit a proposal to the CMC before September 10.

Nehru Mantapa

CMC Commissioner Shashikumar has said that there was proposal to hand over Nehru Mantapa park to private firms to maintain it. However, the CMC has dropped the proposal and has decided to maintain on its own.

An action plan will be chalked out for the maintenance of Nehru Mantapa park. A few private individuals and private firms have approached the CMC seeking details on maintenance of the park.

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