Sai Baba on magnetism

Sai Baba on magnetism

Magnetism might be difficult for adults to explain. But a child doesn’t need to understand why twinkling stars attract him/her or why he/she loves flying kite in the wind. When I was a girl I couldn’t resist eating my grandmother’s pink peonies.

Sathya Sai Baba said, “The magnetic power is present in all objects in the world. All the thoughts in a man’s mind have this magnetic power. From magnetic energy is derived electrical energy. Electrical energy is the source for the power of light and for atomic power. Atomic energy is present in thoughts and speech. Thus, magnetic energy is the basis for all forms of energy.”

The energy of the pink peonies attracted me. Obviously, we are drawn to certain people. Their energy is not seen, yet we sense it. For instance, a dynamic teacher holds our interest. But negativity in a person chases us away.

The world recognised Avatar who donned a human body and came to earth to walk among us, taught, “Space contains cosmic energy. Sound waves and thought waves are the manifestations of cosmic energy. As energy cannot be seen, space appears empty. Forces of attraction, for example, gravity, magnetism, psychological attraction, and so forth, are also manifestations of cosmic energy. As energy is invisible, at the outset one doubts its existence. Therefore sound, thought, emptiness, attraction and doubt are said to be the five characters of space.”

The American physicist, Fritjof Capra in his book, The Tao of Physics, reiterates the Master’s words. Capra tells of his cosmic experience—how he was given the grace to actually perceive Energy and this enabled him to become one with everything. He wrote, “Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the season and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter. For modern physics then, Siva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

Baba explained how magnetic attraction works, “Take, for instance, a temple,” he said. “Thousands of people go to the temple for worship. The magnetic power in the earth extends to the idol in the sanctum. The thoughts of the worshippers are also attracted by the idol. Thereby the power of attraction in the idol also gets intensified. The rituals performed for the idol also enhance its power of attraction. This process can be noticed if a couple of nails are kept near a magnet.

“After two days it will be found that the nails also have been magnetized. In the same manner when worshippers go to a temple the power goes forth from thousands of worshippers, the power of attraction in the idol gets immensely intensified. The idol surcharged with this power is able to energize the worshippers.”