Fake police strike again

Fake police strike again

A gang of three men, posing as police officers, struck again in the City on Sunday morning. The men are believed to be members of the Irani gang.

Gangamma, a resident of Vivekananda Nagar, was returning home at about 7 am after buying milk in Kodichikkanahalli when three men approached her and introduced themselves as police officers.

Warning that a murder-robbery had been committed a few streets away, the men chided Gangamma for wearing gold ornaments and advised that she remove them.

Taken in by their story, Gangamma removed her gold chain, which weighs about 56 gram.
One of the men took the chain from her, placed it into a packet in front of her, and returned it to her.

When Gangamma checked the packet sometime later, she was stunned to see a pebble inside.

A case has been registered at Madiwala police station and officers are investigating.

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