Music reviews

Music reviews

Gokulashtami concerts

Krishnotsava or Gokulashtami was celebrated by many organisations and temples with cultural programmes and religious fervour. Music programmes (vocal, flute, mandolin, percussion ensemble), dance recitals and car festivals (Pushpa Pallakki Utsava, Mantappadi) were held during the festival. Especially the “Navaneetha Krishna Alankara” attracted a large number of devotees.

Whenever we talk of the instrument ‘violin,’ the names of Kumareshan and Ganesh occurs, naturally. These brothers are known to the music lovers very well, as they are reputed violinists, due to their creativity. In spite of incessant rain, a good number of music lovers gathered on Thursday which was proof of their popularity. From the initial composition, it was evident they were striving for instant likeability. Though they played a number of compositions in different ragas, they mainly concentrated on Vasantha and Kaapi.

The sweet sangathies of Vasantha raga added a lively lilt to their presentation. Attractive phraseology in Kaapi raga flowing freely till ‘athi thara’ was pleasing and lively. With their good command over the instrument they raised the concert to its evocative heights. It was impactful and left an indelible impression on the listener. Tumkur Ravishankar and Tiruchi Krishna gave inspiring support on Mridanga and Ghata respectively.

Veena and Venu duet

Veena and Venu (flute) – both are not only ancient but also sacred musical instruments of India. While flute is adorned by Lord Krishna, Saraswathi has chosen Veena. Music lovers are fond of both the instruments and when they are played together, it is much more attractive. Dr Geetha R Bhat and K V Madhura performed Veena and flute respectively under the aegis of the Hamsakutira.

Geetha Bhat and Madhura opened their concert with the popular invocatory song “Gajavadana Beduve” of Purandara Dasaru. The second one was a surprising choice – a swarajathi of Veena Seshanna in the raga Kambodhi. Madhura gave a brief prelude of the raga for “Gaanamurthe” with few sweet sangathies. The alapana and swara was embellished touching the pivotal swaras gracefully, for ‘Odi Baraiah.’ It was a reassuring concert testifying to their good training and talent.

They were well supported by S N Narayana Murthy on Mridanga and R Ramesh on Ghata. Earlier a CD titled “Madhura Geethamrutha” was released at the function held at Ananya Sabhangana.

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