RSS says choice of BJP's PM candidate is clear

RSS says choice of BJP's PM candidate is clear

RSS has made it clear to BJP it wants Narendra Modi to be declared as Prime Ministerial candidate, contending that he enjoys "the support and respect of people" who want "change" but said the timing of the announcement has to be decided by the party.

RSS leader Ram Madhav told reporters that the Sangh members have felt during their programmes across the nation that people want "change".

"The country wants a change and we also realise it. During the two-day meeting between RSS and BJP this issue came up and it has been conveyed to the leadership in the party. Now the decision has to be taken by them but from our side the message has been given that the voters in the country want a change," Madhav said.

Asked if he is referring to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi when he talks about change, Madhav said, "When we say people want a particular change, it is obvious that the support and respect of the people is for which person and for which post. This is clear to all."

At the end of a two-day conclave here yesterday, RSS had said that there is no dilemma or turmoil in the party over Modi but the decision on when the PM candidate should be announced has to be taken by the BJP.

Rajnath Singh has indicated that BJP's Parliamentary Board is likely to meet by next week. It is widely expected that the party will announce Modi's name before his birthday which falls on September 17. 

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