An insight into campus life

An insight into campus life

An elated bunch of postgraduate students trooped into IBMR recently. As they stepped into the college, they were welcomed with an orientation session during which they were briefed about the institute. They were also given a taste of the corporate world thanks to the guest speakers for the programme.  

Most of the students found the stress-management sessions, which were part of the orientation, to be extremely useful. Anand Krishnan S, a first-year PGDM student, says that he enjoyed the experience. “The highlight was the tips on stress management. There were also many videos that were played, which I found inspiring. For instance, one focussed on self-sufficiency while another was based on teamwork; it was interesting as it gave us tips on the requirements to become a good leader,” says Anand. He adds, “It was a very informative session. It was a great experience during which we got to learn a lot of lessons.”

Neetu and Reetu Pawar, twins who have enrolled in the course, say that the orientation has helped them in settling in. “It has got us focussed on our goals, especially since it was very inspirational. Besides helping us in academics, it will also help in other spheres,” says Neetu, adding, “it was an interactive programme and we had puzzles to solve, which all of us found interesting.”

Reetu points out that although they knew some of the issues raised during the session, it served as a much-needed reminder. “It also gave us a chance to think out of the box, which will help in the future,” she says. “We were introduced to the faculty members. We are hoping that more workshops of this sort are organised in the two years that we will be here,” she adds. 

Following the orientation, the students were taken on a tour of Bangalore. “The orientation gave us a sense of direction. We were told the importance of being open-minded in the corporate world. Also, the importance of keeping ourselves abreast with current affairs was emphasised,” says Priyanka Mishra, an MBA student.

She adds, “We visited slum areas as well as the UB City and were shown the different styles of living within the same city.” Like her other classmates, she found the stress-management session most useful. “We had to practise four hours of meditation, which helped all of us. We were made aware of how to manage anger and deal with stressful situations,” she explains.