A day to remember

A day to remember

A day to remember

Mount Carmel College celebrated Teachers’ Day under the theme of ‘role reversal’, where the teachers came dressed as students do — in jeans and T-shirts — while the students arrived in saris and salwars.

The teachers were sportive and did everything that the students wanted them to do, be it singing, dancing or even mimicry. What was evident throughout the celebrations was the close bond that the students and teachers shared.

“They are more like our friends and we don’t hesitate to call them if ever we may need anything. There have been times when we’ve called them at midnight and they’ve still answered our calls,” explained Derin, the president of the student council. The teachers don’t feel every different either. Dr Sundaravalli, associate professor with the department of home science, said, “It helps to be friends with the students. They are given the freedom to come and discuss anything that they want with us.” The programmes culminated with a grand lunch for all.   

The students of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering too showed their love and appreciation for their teachers by celebrating Teachers’ Day with a noble cause and a dash of fun. 

The department of information science had a two-day event filled with singing and dancing by the students. 

They also hosted a game of musical chair for the teachers. Another game tested how much the faculty of ISE actually knew about the people they meet everyday. 

Special awards were given to the most disciplined, approachable and well-dressed teachers.  

The next day Parivartan, the community service wing of the department of information science, took their teachers to an orphanage.

 “Team Parivartan has given us a priceless gift by bringing us here. The children were extremely enthusiastic and interactive. We had a very good time,” said Padmashree T, an associate professor.

At Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women (MLACW), the celebrations were not restricted started a week before. 

There were events like rangoli making, painting and sudoku. 

As a way of thanking the students, the teachers also gave some memorable performances. 

Vijaya Prakash, head of the department of zoology, was part of a fusion dance. “The students were very excited about the whole programme and we wanted to surprise them. That’s how we put together the dance,” she said.  Chaithanya Ramesh, from the microbiology department, added, “Such activities help us realise the talent that we have within ourselves as individuals.” 
"Vasantha Kavitha, a computer science teacher, studied in the same college. “I was a student union member then and when I joined as a teacher, I was asked to be the female union coordinator. The union coordinates these events every year and it’s a chance for all of us to let our hair down,” she said. 

As their own way to show teachers the respect they deserve, students of Indus Business Academy also organised a host of events. The programme was hosted by YMCC, the cultural committee of the college.

 It included an inspiring speech by Subash Sharma, the director of the college. He spoke about the teacher-student relationship and brought out life lessons that could be learnt from it. Students then performed a dance-drama portraying the faculty members.

 The highlight was the games that were organised, which the teachers and staff sportingly participated in. The event concluded by presenting mementos to the faculty.